GFF gives its first award to DeKalb County Students

The Student Television Network (STN) is a national competition allowing Georgia and participants from across the country to see how they stack up against other students, share ideas and offer support. In addition, students can attend workshops and seminars to further extend their learning and strengthen connections made while attending the conference.

On February 11-13th our Executive Director, Delores Crowell, attended the Student Television Network (STN) Convention in Long Beach, California, to support The Georgia Film Foundations (GFF) first grant awardee in the DeKalb County School System.

The GFF awarded an $11,000 education and training grant to the DeKalb County School District to bring 17 students to the annual Student Television Network’s annual convention.

This national competition showcased Georgia Students in a competitive forum that exposed them to a variety of film making genres and encouraged participants to be strategic and collaborative both individually & among their own teams.

“With over 1400 students in attendance, the networking potential for the students from Georgia was exceptional”, said Crowell. “This conference promoted teamwork and the importance of connection and skill development. Lifetime connections were made at this event!”

Gathering daily, students planned and prioritized their daily shoots. Identifying subject, process, timing, budget and more, attendees were required to film, edit, and download content to a server where an experienced film maker would review, critique, and eventually grade their entry.

Pressure Was High

The days were eventful and included networking opportunities as well as workshops and seminars where students observed and submitted individual compositions.

In addition, DeKalb students were accompanied by hard working and dedicated Teachers, Administrators and parent volunteers who chaperoned and made sure everyone was in place at the appointed times! Thank you to all volunteers!

The Georgia Film Foundation looks forward to attending next years’ conference!

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